Bentley works strictly as an agent on behalf of its corporate clients.  We avoid the potential conflicts of interest that can arise for the investment banking firms that also serve as a principal for their own private equity funds.

For the past 33 years Bentley has invited over 1200+ speakers from financing sources to speak at our weekly group meetings, and our website includes a complete list of these speakers since 1997.  The vast majority have been from private equity funds, with both a venture and buyout focus.  However, to also stay abreast of the markets for the entire capital structure, we include some mezzanine funds and occasional straight debt funding sources among our guest speakers.

As a result of regularly hosting these speakers, Bentley professionals bring several benefits to our corporate clients.  First, we maintain an accurate knowledge of the investment interests of these funds (e.g. industry preferences, size ranges, etc.).  Second, we establish a specific contact person at each fund whom we then can call with our deals.  Third, making a presentation at Bentley helps reinforce a fund’s perception of the high quality of Bentley by meeting with our professionals.

Bentley greatly appreciates the many senior-level fund professionals who have visited our offices, or done Zoom calls to the Bentley professionals at the weekly Bentley group meeting.