Bentley Associates LP

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Many of Bentley’s clients and projects over the years have come from referrals.  These referral sources, both formal and informal, send potential investment banking clients to our firm because they know that Bentley will promptly and confidentially respond to all such referrals, treating the prospective client in a professional manner.

Referrals from Financial Advisors:

Bentley currently has signed contractual agreements with six of the largest and most prominent Wall Street brokerage firms.  These formalized agreements are designed to be mutually beneficial to the major firms and Bentley.  Bentley’s role is to review and then to execute potential investment banking transactions that are sourced by Financial Advisors at these Wall Street firms.  These investment banking transactions are simply below the very high minimum deal size thresholds at each of their own Investment Banking departments.  Bentley has been vetted by these major firms before being entrusted with referrals of some of the most important clients of their Financial Advisors.  Bentley always welcomes referrals from Financial Advisors, although the referrals necessarily need to go through the official proper channels at each of these firms.

Referrals from Lawyers, Accountants, Other Professionals:

In addition to the formal contractual arrangements with the six major Wall Street firms, many Bentley Managing Directors have informal connections with law firms, accounting firms and other professional service firms who send referrals to Bentley on a regular basis.  For any such referral, Bentley professionals work closely with the referring professional, unless there is some conflict of interest.

Contact Information for Referrals:

Anyone wishing to contact Bentley to better understand our referral policies/procedures should confidentially contact Oliver D. Cromwell, President of Bentley via e-mail ( ) or a telephone call (212-972-8700, ext. 2630).